EFH and the Environment

Here at Event Flag Hire, we are passionate about sustainability. We love finding, creating and supporting low impact ways to decorate your event. We reuse, donate and recycle every scrap of fabric so nothing goes to waste from our flag production. Here’s our wonderful scrap canopy made by a children’s workshop led by our lovely founder Klare. They used loads of off cuts, we now use this canopy to decorate all sorts of events. We also donate a lot of our scrap fabric to local schools and clubs to make their own flags and projects. 

scrap flag fabric canopy blue sky

All of our flags are fully recyclable so when they are beyond repair and sadly come to the end of their life they are recycled. Although we rarely get to this point as there are so many things you can do with flags!

Hiring rather than buying decor for your event is a great way to make sure your event is sustainable. We all know that single use items are not eco friendly and it’s a shame to purchase things that  might not get used again. You can also tailor your decor to each event, we have over 50 different colours of flags and loads of different styles. This means every time you hire from us you can choose the perfect colours and style flags and bunting to match your event theme. 

We now make raggle taggle bunting from our offcuts which has proven hugely successful. We have this available on our webshop to purchase or we can send  you a free bag of scrap to make your own.