How it works

How it works

Hire our flags &/or bunting

  1. Contact us via phone or email to discuss your requirements or better still, fill out our on line form.
  2. Choose option(s) and agree on timings and price. For weekend events we generally send out the flags on a Wednesday to arrive with you on the Thursday pre 4pm and collect on the Monday however we are flexible should you require different delivery/collection dates.
  3. To confirm your order click ‘ACCEPT’ on the live quote. We email an invoice of what has been agreed (as well as full details of delivery/collection arrangements, and any relevant contact details).
  4. To SECURE your order make payment via the online click and PAY button or by BACS. Full hire charge is due within 14 days of invoice issue.
  5. Receive the flags either by our pre-arranged courier service or (if we are installing for you) in person prior to your event.
  6. Return the flags (as above) by our pre-arranged courier service or in person

You are welcome to view the flags before making a booking.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility at The Event Flag Hire Company and will strive to adapt to your needs wherever possible. Just ask!

Booking deposits

Do I need to pay a deposit?

If loss or damage has occurred we will need to retain all or part of the deposit, in circumstances of very bad damage or loss of items the replacement cost may be higher than the deposit cost and we will need to charge a further amount.
If the items aren’t ready for collection at the agreed time or place we will be charged by the courier company and we will deduct this charge from your deposit.

Hiring options

Option 1: Self install flag hire

Please fill in the on-line form and we will aim to send a quote back within 24hrs. We will then send the flags to you by next-day courier, with clear instructions. Our lightweight self-install hire flags are designed to be a visually stunning but simple and cost-effective way to decorate any venue. The flags and poles are portable, easy to display and require no tools or special skills. We send the flags out in 1.2m long easily transportable bags with carry handles so you don’t need to worry if you need to take them to your venue.

Option 2: Installation and flag hire service

The Event Flag Hire Company offers a full installation and de-rigging service. Just ask us for a quote. Once you have chosen your flags and/or bunting, we will discuss the venue with you in person over the phone or by email (if necessary we can also arrange a site visit). The Event Flag Hire Company will then install the décor for your event and take it down afterwards, reducing your stress and giving you more time to enjoy yourselves. Please note we generally have a minimum installation of 20 flags.

Flag installation prices include a choice of the following equipment:

Telescopic poles 6m (21ft) with ground spikes

Perfect for weddings, private parties and other such low-key events. They leave little trace in the ground with just a 2cm hole per flag.

Bamboo poles 6m (21ft) with PVC or steel tube fixing

Attractive and more robust than the telescopic poles these are suitable for more demanding circumstances, they can withstand higher winds and can take rougher treatment. Either a PVC or steel tube is knocked into the ground and the bamboo poles fit snugly into these. We now sell bamboo poles at £12 and PVC tubes for £6.50 each so you can just dry hire the flags.

Steel scaffold poles 6m (21ft) with steel tube fixing

Used on festival sites all over the world this method provides complete peace of mind and is very resilient. A 4ft steel tube is driven into the ground and the scaffold pole is clamped to the tube using swivel clamps.

Rotational boom arms

These allow our Silk Standard and Arena flags to fly in low wind conditions or indoors.

Bases for hard standing and indoor events

We now stock hard plastic water bases and ‘x’ bases for hard standing and indoor events. Please contact us for details. Our rotational boom arms allow the silk standard flags to fly in no wind so as to create the ‘festival look’ inside any venue.

Please note that we are fully insured, can provide a risk assessment and our installation staff have appropriate training and experience.

For more information on our hardware options see the Flag bases, poles & fixings page here.

Purchase options

Option 1: Stocked products

All of our rented products are available for sale and we often have brand new flags and bunting in stock ready to send out next day.

Option 2: Bespoke commissions

For a truly unique occasion The Event Flag Hire Company can design and make bespoke flags, banners and bunting for purchase or hire. Working with you by phone and email (or in person) to understand your ideas, we can help identify the best colours and fabrics for your event and make up samples and drawings.

Option 3: Bespoke event dressing

We also offer a full design and event dressing service, where we take care of the complete look of your party. Themes can be specifically designed and custom made, or you can choose from our ready made stock. Our hands-on, efficient service will allow you to relax and enjoy your party. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.