Indoor flags

Indoor flags

These flags look great even when there is no wind. Great for use indoors, the top arm holds the flag out so that they look great whatever the weather. Available with bases here.

INDOOR SARI festival flags

Indoor Sari Flag Rainbow Colours on white background
Folded sari flags.
sari indoor flags colours on white background
Indoor Sari Flag Rainbow Colours
V2 Jewel Toned Indoor Sari Flags on Bases - 1200 x 800
Indoor Sari Flags
Our Indoor Sari flags are designed to add beautiful colour to your event. They will work on either our 4m or 5m extendable carbon poles.
They are 2m long and 1m wide
Each flag comes with a 4m or 5m extendable carbon pole depending on your desired height
For hardstanding events use our X-Bases or upgrade to a water base for £18.50 each
14 vibrant colours with gold detailing


Bright stipe festival flags in a rainbow.
A field of bright stripe flags in sunshine.
Bright stripe flags
Bright Stripes Festival Mix
Light pastel Stripes flags
Bright Stripes Festival Mix
Bright Stripes Festival Mix
Stripes Festival Flags in light shades
Our beautiful Bright Stripe flags (we also have White Stripes & pastel flags called Light Stripes) are designed to be used specifically with a bespoke made 5m carbon pole with integral arm to hold the flag out in areas with no wind. Perfect for calm sunny days and indoor events. If you love our Silk Standard flags, this is a great self installation option. Available in all primary, pastel and white colours, each flag comes in varying shades of a single colour with our laser cut trim and ribbon detail.
Each flag is 3.35m long by 85cm wide
Use only with our 5m carbon extendable pole with integral arm, add a water base for indoor use or outside in sheltered areas
Flags fly from £22.50 each, including self-installation pack
See full price list
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SILK STANDARD festival flags

A field of flags around a bride and groom.
Silk Standard flags flying in the sun.
Large blue and gold flags at a festival.
Silk Standard flags come complete with a rotational arm and weight system. They are the largest flag to be able to fly on a 6m / 21ft scaffold (and still be out of reach). They can fly even without any wind which means they are also perfect for indoor events using our hard standing box bases.
Over 3m long and 1.8m wide and available in all our silk colours with satin ribbon detailing
We can courier these to you for dry hire or we can install
Prices range from £22.50 per flag
See rental price list or purchase from our web shop
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GLITTERATI festival flags

Glitterati flags.
A field of glitterati flags.
A colourful striped rectangular flag.
Glitterati on box bases in London
Glitterati and Mo Farah at London Marathon
Glitterati at Battersea
These are the most colourful intricate flags in our range. They come with a rotational arm and weight system so they fly in no wind, or are perfect indoors with our box bases. Made using a combination of silks, satins and rainbow metallic reflective fabrics.
Measuring 3.5m long and 1.8m wide and available in rainbow sequences only
Suitable for 21ft scaffold or bamboo poles
These can be couriered for dry hire or we can install
Prices from £22.50 per flag. See full price list
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Dry hire prices

Flags without poles & ground fixings

No. of flagsType 1Type 2Type 3
6 - 92527.5042.50
10 - 2922.502537.50
30 +2022.5035

Type 1: New Leaf, Silk & Ribbon, Half Moon Petal, Indian Summer, Bright, White & Light Stripes, and Calypso
Type 2: Silk Standard and Glitterati flags with rotational arm and weight
Type 3: Arena Flags with 10ft extender pole, rotational arm and weight - Install only

These prices are for DRY HIRE (rental of flags only -without poles and ground spikes) for events where scaffold poles are more suitable or you have your own flag poles. Please note there could be a surcharge for out of area postcodes or residential addresses.

We now sell 5.5m bamboo poles with either PVC ground inserts for £7 each or our robust steel ground augers. This means you can dry hire your flags and have robust poles for use at many events!

A deposit will be required and will be refunded on return of items as per our T&Cs.