For purchase prices please email for a price list.

We have limited ex-rental flags and bunting available with up to 50% off RRP.

Flag hire prices

Including self install poles & ground fixings

No. of flagsPrice per flag (£)Return courier (£)
5 - 93030
10 - 192538
20 - 2922.5048
30 - 392063
40 - 491875
50 - 591792
Prices include any of our sleeved flags (NEW LEAF, SILK & RIBBON, HALF MOON PETAL, INDIAN SUMMER & DRAGON TAIL), 6m extendable poles, ground fixings, instructions and even a mallet. Prices are subject to 20% VAT. We will cover all courier costs if these flags are used in one of our packages.

Dry hire prices

Flags without poles & ground fixings

No. of flagsType 1Type 2Type 3
5 - 9203040
10 - 29182535
30 - 591622.5030
60 - 99142028

Type 1: New Leaf, Silk & Ribbon, Half Moon Petal, Indian Summer & Dragon Tail
Type 2: Silk standard and Pride Stripes flags with rotational arm and weight
Type 3: Arena Flags with 14ft extender pole, rotational arm and weight

These prices are for DRY HIRE (rental of flags only -without poles and ground spikes) for events where scaffold poles are more suitable or you have your own flag poles. Prices are subject to 20% VAT.
We now sell bamboo poles for £12 each and PVC ground inserts for £6.50 each. This means you can dry hire your flags and have robust poles for use at many events!

Bunting hire prices

Cost per meter

Bunting type 20m-90m100m-190m200m+
Festival Mix
Warm Hues
White & Ivory
Single Hues
(triangular or rectangular)
Bling Gold
Bling Silver
(triangular, double sided, double sewn)
Luxurious Large Silk
(Oversized triangles of silk, inside use only)
(Appliquéd and oversized)
(Cotton gingham and spotted)
Satin & RibbonPerfect for marquee dressing, oversized in lengths of 3.5m at £15 each
Prices are subject to 20% VAT + £5 post & packing (unless used in a package)

Bunting to buy

Cost per meter

Bunting style Laser cut
(heat sealed edge)
Sewn edge
(fine overlocked edge)
Triangular bunting
(All colours and themes available or tailor make your own)
Rectangular bunting
(All colours and themes available or tailor make your own)
Gold Bunting & Silver bling bunting
(Double sided & edged)
Prices are subject to 20% VAT + £5 post & packing.

Package prices

Flags and bunting rental packages

Package DescriptionPackage Price (£)
6 flags + 25m bunting215
10 flags + 40m bunting310
20 flags + 50m bunting525
30 flags + 100m bunting725
40 flags + 150m bunting905
Package includes any of the 5 Festival Flags, extendable poles, metal ground spikes, instructions, mallet and free return courier service.

Triangular or rectangular bunting available, additional bunting at just £1 per metre.

Prices are per week and subject to 20% VAT.