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Special Commissions

We love special commissions. We have over fifteen years’ experience working as designers and fabricators in all things fabric with glass fibre, carbon, bamboo, aluminium and steel.

Besides making flags and bunting to any specification we can also create large sculptural installations, props, décor for stages, bars, children’s & VIP areas, entrance ways and illuminations.

Below are some examples of special commissions that we have been honoured to make:

Bespoke printed flags

The Event Flag Hire Company

Special Commissions >  Bespoke printed flags

Custom, high-impact printed flags

We can also printed single or double sided flags with rotational arms for in and outdoor events. To obtain the best quality print we use a fine knitted polyester. Clients include; Demon Dayz, National Trust, Exeter City Football club, Uni Credit, The Wildlife Trust, Skittles, Sports and festival events. Please contact us for a quotation

Union Flag

The Event Flag Hire Company

Special Commissions >  Union Flag

Henry’s Antartic flag

A commission to produce an exact replica of the Union Flag presented to Shackleton by King George V in 1914. This flag was presented to the late Henry Worsley by The Duke of Cambridge who was hoping to become the first solo adventurer to cross the Antarctic unassisted and unsupported – in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton. Pure Italian silk, double sided, this was a labour of love. We were so honoured to be asked to do this and followed Henry’s footsteps along the way. It is so devastating that Henry died 30km short of his goal. What was so poignant was the flag that he had flying the whole way was then displayed (weather torn) at his funeral.

Bahrain Flags

The Event Flag Hire Company

Special Commissions >  Bahrain Flags

Flags for the King of Bahrain at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Commissioned by the King of Bahrain for his visit to the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Nothing but the best for this King! Gold poles and finials with intricate hand sewn flags.

Blue Peter

The Event Flag Hire Company

Special Commissions >  Blue Peter

Blue Peter on the beach

Commissioned to make bespoke Silk & Ribbon style flags using their logo colours. The Blue Peter team tour with our flags for their summer events.

Baku 2017 Opening Ceremony

The Event Flag Hire Company

Special Commissions >  Baku 2017 Opening Ceremony

Bespoke ‘Feather’ flags for the Islamic Solidarity Games

This was a massive commission to create props for the opening and closing ceremony for 4th Islamic State Solidarity Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. 75 feather props with 15 individual carbon spines and faux silk sections that flexed to create a natural rotating movement. This commission then lead to many others for this event from stunt kites for the opening count down to batiks and quilts. It was a great moment of reward and pride watching the opening ceremony and seeing so many hours of head scratching and making being part of such an impressive spectacle.

Nottingham City Council Market Square

The Event Flag Hire Company

Special Commissions >  Nottingham City Council Market Square

Opening of the new market square

A commission to create new banners for the opening of the new market square. GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) with rip stop material displaying the vibrant logo of the City.

Berry Lanterns

The Event Flag Hire Company

Special Commissions >  Berry Lanterns

Installation at The Forbidden Fruit Festival

These lanterns were made for Bulmers Cider, Ireland for The Forbidden Fruit Festival. GRP and shot silk fabric construction lit from inside with lace/ gauze panels.

Onion Dome

The Event Flag Hire Company

Special Commissions >  Onion Dome

Installation at Body & Soul Festival

Another festival commission made from robust sectional aluminium with a fabric canopy.