Extra large festival flags

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Extra large

Extra large festival flags

There are three styles to choose from; the Silk Standard option is perfect for indoor arenas.
They are all designed for great visual impact. Their impressive dimensions mean they are too heavy for our self-installed extendable pole system (unless indoors) and require a bamboo or scaffold pole.

SILK STANDARD festival flags

Silk Standard flags come complete with a rotational arm to allow them to fly even without any wind which means they are also perfect for indoor events using our hard standing bases.
Over 3m long and 1.8m wide and available in all colours
They are the largest flag to be able to fly on a 6m / 21ft scaffold (and still be out of reach)
We can courier these to you for dry hire or install in full
Prices range from £16 per flag. See full price list
See complete SILK STANDARD flag gallery

CLASSIC ARENA festival flags

Classic Arena flags are the very biggest flags available at The Event Flag Hire Company and look spectacular. They are truly huge. They are not included in any of our flag hire packages and cannot be couriered due to the length of the extender pole so please contact us with your enquiry.
Flying at over 4m in length and 2.2m wide
These dramatic flags come with long rotational arms and weight system allowing them to fly even without wind
Classic Arena Flags fit on a 5m/16ft scaffold pole with a bamboo extender pole, making them a whopping 9m/30ft in height
Classic Arena Flags are ideal for festivals and large public events
See complete CLASSIC ARENA flag gallery

EASTERN ARENA festival flags

Same dimensions as our Classic Arena Flags, these Eastern Arena Flags have horizontal ribbon detail and beautiful curves.
They fit on the same system as Classic Arena Flags
Over 4m length and 2.5m wide
Full installation or delivery and collection service available
See our dry hire prices below if you have your own scaffold poles

Dry hire prices

Flags without poles & ground fixings

No. of flagsType 1Type 2Type 3
5 - 9203040
10 - 29182535
30 - 591622.5030
60 - 99142028

Type 1: New Leaf, Silk & Ribbon, Half Moon Petal, Indian Summer & Dragon Tail
Type 2: Silk standard flags with rotational arm and weight
Type 3: Arena Flags with 14ft extender pole, rotational arm and weight

These prices are for DRY HIRE (rental of flags only -without poles and ground spikes) for events where scaffold poles are more suitable or you have your own flag poles. Prices are subject to 20% VAT.
We now sell bamboo poles for £12 each and PVC ground inserts for £6.50 each. This means you can dry hire your flags and have robust poles for use at many events!