Flag bases, poles & fixings

We have a wide range of solutions to ensure your flags fly both indoor and outdoor. For purchase please visit our web shop.

Flag Bases for hardstanding and indoor use

When fixing into the ground is not an option, the products below work for hardstanding and indoor use depending on your event capability and duration.

Hardstanding base

X Base

Rent for £15 each.

This discreet stand folds flat and is light weight making it ideal to courier. Perfect for indoor events, as a light weight system with our extendable carbon poles.  Add your own ballast, such as sandbags for extra stability.

Use with: Indoor Sari Flags or Bright Stripes

water base and waters bases with silk and ribbon flags

30L Rectangle Water Base

Rent from £22.50  each.

A more robust indoor system than the x-base, for use with our Stripe flag range (Lucky, Bright, Light or White), or Indoor Sari Flags. Also suitable for use on hard standing outside* with our Stripes flag range or Silk & Ribbon flags on 5m carbon extendable poles. *for sheltered areas only.

This can be couriered to you and then you fill/ empty the water before sending back!

Available from our webshop – WaterBases30L

Use with:

Indoor Sari Flags

Silk and Ribbon Flags

Bright Stripes Flags

Box bases in Trafalgar Square. Red and white bunting in background.

Deluxe Box Base
Flag base / table / planter
50-100kg Wooden Flag bases

Rent for £120 each 

Purchase from £450 each.

A large, robust and attractive base made from scaffold boards. 50kg as is but up to 50kg additional dry weight can be added. The dimensions are 75cm w x 75cm d x 50cm h. Top boards can be dropped down to accommodate soil and flowers to make it even more attractive! Alternatively, use as shown as seating or for drinks table.

Available to install with bamboo or sectional aluminium poles.

Please note, due to weight and size these cannot be couriered, but we can arrange a driver to deliver and collect or provide a full installation service.

Silk and ribbon flags on box bases
Stan making a box base
bespoke oversized flags on box bases
Box base for event flags at Exhibition Road London
Pink Silm flag with ribbon on bespoke box base
Indian summer on box base in Bath

Flag Poles – What pole system should you use?

Extendable carbon pole with steel ground spike

This portable stacking carbon pole is very robust and can cope with winds up to 40 mph depending on the flag used. They pack down to 1.5m long and come in an individual zip carry case (ground spike included but packed separately). These are the very best professional self-install poles, designed specifically for use with our festival flags. 

Comes with: 6.3m pole in 5 sections, carry case and ground spike – all you need is your flag and a hammer.  Another benefit is leaving very little trace in the ground, just one 15mm diameter hole per flag.  It is worth noting, by their very “easy to install and remove” nature they are not suitable in areas of high spirits (climbing enthusiasts, trophy hunters, revellers etc).

Buy 6.3m carbon pole from our webshop.

Carbon poles:
5m carbon poles with integral arm suitable for small & medium standard or Medium and Large banner flags.
Buy 5m carbon poles from our webshop.

Packed carbon fibre flagpole and steel ground spike.A bride and groom surrounded by Indian summer flags.

A white and cream Silk and ribbon flag with a hill behind.

5.5m bamboo pole with steel ground auger or PVC tube

By far the most attractive, environmental and economical pole system. These are suitable for more demanding circumstances, like events with larger capacities and/or longer durations. The PVC tube or steel ground auger are inserted into the ground by making a pilot hole and adding wedges between the pole and the ground insert for extra stability. They are still relatively light and cheap compared to scaffold poles, so can be self-erected and purchased through our web shop. Also worth noting – Assent by reveller will almost certainly end in breakage! They leave a larger 50 mm diameter hole in the ground which can be filled with soil.

Hire costs – £18.50 per pole and screw-in ground insert (install only as the poles are too long to return by courier). 

You can also buy bamboo poles from our webshop.

Blue and yellow new leaf festival flags with rural backdrop.

A metal ground auger and a PVC tube.

21ft scaffold pole with scaffold tube insert (putlock) and swivel clamps

Used on festival sites all over the world, this method provides complete peace of mind and is resilient to almost anything.

It requires hiring scaffold, putlocks (a shorter 4’-5’ piece of scaffolding) and swivel clamps, most appropriately from a firm local to the event.

Most large events need scaffolding for lighting etc., so it is usually best to do a bulk site order to save additional contractors. We can provide a full installation and removal service, or if you have a competent site team we can dry hire. To keep costs down we often send a member of our team to deliver and oversee installation with your crew. On removal, they leave a 50mm diameter hole in the ground which can be filled with soil.

We do hold a small stock of 21ft aluminium poles for small installs, please contact us.

Red and yellow, very large flags against a blue sky.Silk and ribbon flags at a festival. A helter skelter in the background.

Scaffold putlock and swivel clamps

Hessian Pole Wraps

Rent for £5 each.

Small and large wraps to cover bamboo ground inserts and swivel clamps.

Quick and easy to use and secured with Velcro.

These wraps are great for covering unsightly hardware and can deter tampering with fixings.

hessian flag pole wrap cover velcro

Scaffold Socks

Rent for £5 each.

Stretchy material to decorate, cover and protect people from putlock & swivel clamps, 120cm long.

Use with any flag on a scaffold pole, but they have been specially designed to use with our Indian Summer flags to cover the entire pole.

stretchy colourful scaffold protection socks coverings

Rotational arms and weight system

Some of our extra large flags have a top sleeve for a rotational arm allowing the flag to fly in low wind conditions or indoors. These arms are supplied with the flag rental, no need to rent separately. If these are for printed flags you can rent or purchase through our web shop.

Use with:

Custom Printed Flags

Silk Standard Flags

Glitterati Flags

Arena Flags

Eastern Arena Flags

A striped Glitterati flag.

Shepherd’s Crooks

Rent for £5 each. Or Purchase for £10 each from our web shop. 

1.2m shepherds crooks, great for lining pathways and perimeters with festoon and bunting.

A metal shepherds crook.

To rent any of the items above please add a note in the enquiry form, we will then send you a quote.

If you require more assistance in making your decision please get in touch.