Decorate with bunting

Traditionally bunting is strung across areas often in bright contrasting colours, think red, white and blue. Often the bunting is cotton and creates a humble village fete feel. While this serves a purpose for many people, we wanted to create something a little different. We have created beautiful satin bunting in loads of gorgeous vibrant colours bringing bunting into the 21st century. With a lovely sheen and movement, our bunting will wow your guests and instantly transform your venue or space. Here are our 5 favourite ways to decorate with bunting:

Rainbow canopy

rainbow satin single hue bunting woods trees people event

Credit – Ben Morse Photography

We’ve used lengths of our Single Hues Bunting in the different rainbow colours to create a canopy at the Forest Sessions Stage at 2000 Trees festival. By tying lengths of different colours to each  we have created a beautiful rainbow effect. Hang the bunting loosely for a more relaxed feel or keep it taught for a super sharp clean look.

rainbow single hues bunting media week Grovesnor Hotel

Credit – Media Week Awards

This impressive rainbow ceiling at the Media Week Awards creates a totally different aesthetic from the 2000 Trees look while using the same bunting. They’ve used a few hundred metres of bunting to create this look. All of our bunting has varying shades from lighter to darker to enable a subtle colour change.

Many pointed star

Here at Starry Skies, our wonderful founder Klare created this gorgeous installation. She attached multiple lengths of bunting to a central bamboo pole and around the edges of the space. Resulting in an eye catching star shape and has the effect of bringing the head height lower for a more intimate space (rather than a big empty tractor barn). She’s used our Rainbow Bunting here to create a bright yellow focal point in the centre which graduates through the rainbow colours.

Build a structure

This client was organising a Brazilian themed company party, they wanted areas for guests to sit and chat. By creating a structure there are even more ways to use bunting. This pergola uses green and yellow creating a great chill out area while reflecting the theme. We have lots of bamboo structure kits to create your own pergolas, maypoles and more.

Create a walkway

Credit – Big Day Event Tipis

There are so many ways to use bunting to create walkways, attach bunting along the side or across a pathway. People love walking underneath swathes of bunting, and we love the use of tall shepherds crooks and our Pastel Bunting to lead guests into the tipi here by Big Day Event Tipis.

Use what you have

Credit – Quirky Campers

Finally, Quirky Campers have used the marquee poles to attach bunting and jazz up this rather plain marquee with our Rainbow Bunting. It’s a super fast way of adding bright colour to your event. In minutes you can take any plain, drab venue to a bright and festive event.

Now that you know how to decorate with bunting, have a look at our lovely bunting here and if you’ve created anything truly special with bunting we’d love to see it!